Quite a few of the childrens toys manufactured today are made from brittle plastic, and tend not to last when subjected to rough treatment from your children.

If you are fed up of paying for items that dont last then you should take a look at some of the rugged and extremely well built Tonka toys, with a reputation for producing high quality durable trucks tonka have been established for over 60 years. Some of the trucks are made from high quality steel and can last for years, in fact these toys have been known to be handed down through the generations of a family.

tonka toys

One of the first toys that tonka started to produce was the tonka dump truck, this was painted bright yellow and was extremely popular with children in the early days and remains popular today.

Tonka knowing the high quality of the build have introduced a lifetime guarantee on certain steel trucks, this gives parents piece of mind when paying that little bit extra for a quality toy.

Where other manufactures can be less expensive than tonka, it can be a false economy when buying them because you will probably end up buying two or three new ones after your children have destroyed them. With tonka this is not a problem due to there strong build qualities, they can stand up to the most roughest of treatment your children can dish out.

Wether it is indoors or outdoors the toys can give hours of fun for your children to enjoy, and with the many different new styles and designs of tonka toys available will make buying for your children much easier. When marketing the trucks tonka stated they were suitable for 4/5 years, this was mainly due to the size and weight of the particular models.

They then started to produce toys for toddlers such as the chuck my talking truck, these being made from heavy duty plastic with realistic designs makes them very popular amongst youngsters today.

So if you are looking for toys that last for years then check out some of the tonka toys available online today, once you have purchased one you will soon realize it is well worth that little bit of extra expense to have a toy your children will just love and play with for years to come.

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